White House still won't name bailout recipients, Americans want climate-friendly recovery spending, and other news from around the web

Daily news headlines about the stimulus and recovery from June 15, 2020.

US has already lost more than 100,000 oil & gas jobs

The US oil and gas labor market is amongst the world’s most severely hit by the downturn that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, a Rystad Energy analysis of the latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (US BLS) reveals. More than 100,000 oil and gas jobs have already been lost in total, with most of them coming from the support activities market.

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Opinion: Nationalize the fossil fuel industry to curb its influence

Federal spending to prop up an economically troubled, environmentally unsustainable industry represents a decent return on investment for dogged lobbying. Fossil fuel money isubiquitous in Washington. While most of the industry’s lobbying dollars flow to Republicans, Democrats also receive money and hold their own loyalties to fossil fuels. Environmentalists’ and anti-lobbying activists’ attempts to curb that influence mostly haven’t worked—green groups would be hard-pressed to outspend oil companies.

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