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LNG exports: Profit for speculators, cost for consumers and climate, Nation of Change, 1/27/24

Biden pumps brakes on “Carbon Bomb” natural gas projects, The Guardian, 1/26/24

Biden administration freezes gas export approvals, E&E, 1/26/24

Biden hits the brakes on controversial gas export projects, The New Lede, 1/26/24

EU lawmakers to Biden: We don’t need more US natural gas, The Hill, 1/25/24

The pause heard round the world, PoliticoPro, 1/25/24

Fossil fuel speculators—not consumers—would win big from LNG exports: Report, Common Dreams, 1/24/24

Developing US clean hydrogen strategy includes exports as a production catalyst, Inside US Trade, 7/20/23

Renewable energy threatens utility profiteers, The Progressive Magazine, 6/15/23

Should the US impose a windfall tax on oil and gas companies?, The San Diego Tribune, 6/3/23

In Utah, the Biden Administration is aiding and abetting Big Oil, Jacobin, 6/3/23 

With support of 70 climate groups, lawmakers unveil bill to ban US fossil fuel exports, Common Dreams, 5/20/23 

The PRC should regulate — not cozy up to — utilities, Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/18/23

Louisiana Public Service Commission demands information on electricity and water disconnections, KTBS, 3/29/23

As Louisiana delegation frees up LNG, some pleading for halt, The Advocate, 3/16/23

Ukrainian activist behind Russian oil embargo blocked from attending top energy conference, The Hill, 3/10/23

New report: Providence’s new electricity co. tied to millions to GOP to block shutoff disclosure, Go Local Prov, 3/10/23 

DeSantis lets electric companies hide their dirty work, The Lever, 3/6/23 

US energy firms handed cash bonanza as EU signs long-term gas deals after Ukraine war, UK Express, 2/24/23

How fossil fuel companies benefit from the war in Ukraine, Womens Media Center, 2/24/23

US energy firms use Ukraine war to lock in long-term gas contracts, report says, The Guardian, 2/22/23 

Report urges Biden to stop aiding Big Oil 'ploy to prolong the era of fossil fuels', Common Dreams, 2/22/23

Daily on energy: Green groups take aim at Biden’s narrative on LNG exports, Washington Examiner, 2/22/23

What’s behind the big number of utility shutoffs in Illinois?, Illinois Public Media, 2/6/23

How policymakers can tackle power shutoffs, utility greed and the climate emergency, The Hill, 2/5/23

Consumer advocates fear Ameren Missouri rate hike would burden low-income customers, St. Louis Public Radio, 2/3/23

Proposed ComEd deal brokered by Lightfoot blocked from advancing at council meeting, WTTW, 2/1/23

Consumer utility shutoffs have grown into a crisis in Maryland and across US, report finds, The Baltimore Sun, 1/31/23

Utilities are cutting off power for millions amid rising costs, CBS, 1/31/23

Watchdog group says DTE Energy is one of nation's worst for shutting off power to customers, Michigan Public Radio, 1/31/23 

Utilities shut off power to homes nearly 6 million times during pandemic: report, The Hill, 1/30/22

As profits soar, US utilities lavish shareholders while shutting off power for millions, Common Dreams, 1/30/23 

US utility shutoffs climbed last year on higher energy costs, Bloomberg, 1/30/23

US utilities shut off power to millions amid record corporate profits – report, The Guardian, 1/30/21

 Utility shutoffs for nonpayment soar across Illinois and Chicago area: Report, Chicago Sun Times, 1/30/23 

Your huge winter heating bill could be funding fossil fuel lobbyists, The New Republic, 12/6/22

The energy system is ‘inherently racist,’ advocates say. How are utilities responding to calls for greater equity?, Utility Dive, 10/26/22

For millions of families, electricity disconnects are a matter of life and death, The Hill, 10/24/22

Fight climate change. End fossilflation. Here's how., Vox, 8/12/22 

Sinema oks climate deal, passage expected next week, Nexus Media News, 8/5/22

White House announces solar initiatives to reduce electricity bills, create clean energy jobs, PV Magazine, 7/27/22

Texas shows the pitfalls of liberal climate politics, ZNetwork, 7/8/22

Indiana ranks among US leaders in utility disconnections, WishTV, 7/1/22

Car culture drives Rhode Island’s climate inaction, EcoRI News, 6/6/22

Ahead of House vote, analysis details how Big Oil price gouging rewards Wall Street, Common Dreams, 5/18/22 

Gas, electric companies cut off 270,000 Ohioans amid pandemic and billions in profit, Ohio Capital Journal, 5/16/22

Report: Indiana utilities cut power more than 260,000 times from 2020-2021, Indiana News Service, 5/14/22

Big Oil committing human rights abuses & cutting jobs While making $400 mil a day, Daily Kos, 5/11/22

Oil companies posted huge profits. Here's where the cash will go (Hint: not climate), TIME, 5/11/22

Report: Indiana utilities shut off electricity to Hoosiers 265,000 times during pandemic, Indianapolis Star, 5/9/22

Power shutoff study highlights need for transparency into investor-owned utility debts, groups say, Utility Dive, 5/4/22

Utilities cut power to millions of homes as profits and pay soared: Report, Common Dreams, 5/2/22

We’ve opened the door too wide for oil and gas companies, The New York Times, 4/29/22

Schumer: FTC nominee will take on price-gouging oil companies, Newsday, 4/24/22

Big Oil’s profits call for government crackdown, says Sen. Schumer, NY Daily News, 4/24/22

Oil company profit-gouging began with the CARES Act, The American Prospect, 4/23/22

Dishonoring Earth Day 2022 with an oil, gas, coal, and nuclear heyday, Common Dreams, 4/23/22

Messing: Connect the dots, Rutland Herald, 4/23/22

Roaming charges: The windfalls of war, CounterPunch, 4/15/22

Fox News dominated coverage of congressional hearing on Big Oil and gas prices, Media Matters, 4/8/22

Making a killing: Big Oil reaps record profits using Ukraine war as pretext to hike gas prices, Democracy Now, 4/7/22

Big oil companies are using wartime profits to enrich investors, report says, Washington Post, 4/6/22

Congress’s war profiteering debate with Big Oil misses the point, Quartz, 4/6/22 

New analysis details 'master class in war profiteering' by US oil giants, Common Dreams, 4/5/22

House committee investigates shut-off rates for Dominion, DTE, Duke, Exelon, NextEra and Southern, Utility Dive, 3/24/22

Energy and Commerce Democrats probe utility shut-offs, E&E News, 3/20/22

The Big Oil windfall profits tax legislation targets price gouging, CleanTechnica, 3/17/22

Oil Execs cash out with high oil prices, WORT 89.9, 3/16/22

5 oil execs cashed out $99 million in stock during Ukraine invasion, Gizmodo, 3/11/22

Democrats unveil bill to tax Big Oil’s profits and send checks to the public, Truthout, 3/11/22

Factcheck Roundup! Koonin, GOP, Big Oil still wrong about basically everything, Daily Kos, 3/11/22

Biden walks tightrope between need for oil and push to go green, Barron's, 3/10/22

Dems introduce windfall tax on Big Oil so companies 'pay a price when they price gouge', Common Dreams, 3/10/22

Thousands of Americans will still be without power and heat this winter despite call for utility companies to prevent shutoffs, CNN, 12/3/21

Fed programs have kept finance flowing to fossil fuels, Wall Street Journal, 11/19/21

Power shutoffs deepened pandemic toll while utilities collected millions in relief, Energy News Network, 11/8/21

Top US utility providers cut power to nearly one million homes despite receiving huge COVID tax bailouts: report, The Epoch Times, 10/6/21

Utilities cut power to US customers while taking huge COVID tax credits, The Guardian, 10/5/21

16 utilities took $1.2B in COVID relief while continuing power shutoffs: report, Utility Dive, 10/1/21

Utilities in 'Hall of Shame' over aid, shut-offs — report, E&E News, 10/1/21

Duke Energy extends COVID moratorium on power disconnections as advocacy groups attack its efforts, Charlotte Business Journal, 9/30/21

Utilities took $1.25 billion in pandemic aid then shut off power to households nearly 1 million times: report, Common Dreams, 9/30/21

Utilities took public money, gave CEOs millions, and then turned people's lights off during the pandemic, Gizmodo, 9/30/21

Utility companies raked in bailout money and shut people's lights off anyway, Mic, 9/30/21

Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna urge axing fossil fuel subsidies from reconciliation, Truthout, 9/23/21

'Enough is enough': Report shows Big Oil's offshore tax loopholes cost US at least $86 billion per year, Common Dreams, 9/22/21

Oil industry launches lobbying blitz as Congress targets fossil fuel subsidies, DeSmog, 9/2/21

Marathon Petroleum took billions in bailouts, then laid off nearly 2,000 workers, EcoWatch, 6/21/21

Marathon Petroleum cut nearly 2,000 jobs – and reaped $2.1B in pandemic benefits, Louisiana Illuminator, 6/18/21

The tax breaks for jobs scheme isn't working out for Louisiana, Louisiana Illuminator, 6/18/21

House hearing scrutinizes billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies. Invited oil execs are a no-Show, DeSmog, 5/19/21

Oil CEOs laid off workers and gave themselves raises during the pandemic, Gizmodo, 5/17/21

Exxon and Devon carry on proud tradition of funneling taxpayer bailouts to their shareholders, Daily Kos, 4/21/21

The fossil fuel sector, subsidies and job creation: Sorting fact from fiction, Triple Pundit, 4/13/21

Mid-Ohio valley climate corner: Time for Appalachia to thrive, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, 4/10/21

Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts— then fired 58,000 workers anyway, Common Dreams, 4/7/21

Fossil-fuel firms reaped billions in COVID tax breaks—then laid off thousands of workers, Mother Jones, 4/6/21

Fossil fuel companies are job killers, The New Republic, 4/5/21

Fossil fuels get too many government handouts. Biden wants to cut them off., Vox, 4/5/21

Fossil fuel companies in 2020 cut almost 60,000 jobs, still pocketed $8.2 billion in tax bailout, Newsbreak, 4/3/21

Google maps, but make it eco-conscious, Grist, 4/2/21

Fossil fuel companies got billions in bailouts, fired thousands of workers anyway, Earther, 4/2/21

Fossil fuel companies took billions in US coronavirus relief funds but still cut nearly 60,000 jobs, InsideClimate News, 4/2/21

US fossil-fuel companies took billions in tax breaks – and then laid off thousands, The Guardian, 4/2/21

Toxic air. insufficient monitors. Why Memphis families fighting Byhalia pipeline have had enough, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 3/16/21

Some fracking companies are admitting shale was a bad bet — others are not, DeSmog, 3/5/21

Oil driller took $9.7 million bailout, declared bankruptcy, gave execs $9.7 million, laid off staff, Daily Kos, 2/25/21

Climate point: Could Biden really push oil companies into the red?, USA Today, 2/5/21

Pandemic watchdog is probing Mnuchin, Cruz roles in fed lending, Bloomberg, 2/1/21

Ted Cruz got $35 million for billionaire fracking donors in last COVID-19 aid, HuffPost, 12/31/20

Senator Ted Cruz got $35 million for billionaire fracking donors in last COVID-19 relief aid, Chron, 12/30/20

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defends pandemic relief funding that helped two billionaire donors land $35M, San Antonio Current, 12/29/20

Texas fracking billionaires received COVID-19 loans, report says, KVUE, 12/28/20

Ted Cruz defends effort to secure pandemic relief for oil and gas companies, including one run by major donors, The Dallas Morning News, 12/28/20

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz helped donors' Texas fracking company get pandemic relief money, Austin American-Statesman, 12/28/20

Texas fracking billionaires drew Covid-19 aid while investing in rivals, Wall Street Journal, 12/27/20

UN report: Despite falling energy demand, governments set on increasing fossil fuel production, InsideClimate News, 12/2/20

U.S. shale bankruptcies accelerate despite pandemic protection, OilPrice, 11/25/20

Fossil fuel industry feasted on COVID-19 relief programs, report reveals, EcoWatch, 11/24/20

$15 billion of COVID relief funding went to propping up fossil fuels, Our Daily Planet, 11/24/20

The US oil industry is flailing despite a $10 billion pandemic lifeline, Quartz, 11/23/20

Fossil fuels win big in stimulus, Politico's Morning Energy, 11/23/20

Follow the $$ trail, Washington Examiner's Daily on Energy, 11/23/20

Fossil fuel industry received $110 billion in direct and indirect COVID-19 relief, Nation of Change, 11/23/20

"Time to cut dirty energy's lifeline": Report details how fossil fuel industry feasted on Covid-19 relief programs, Common Dreams, 11/23/20

'Finally': In potential nod to Biden win, Federal Reserve applies to join Climate Network for Central Banks, Common Dreams, 11/11/20

The $16 million was supposed to clean up old oil wells; instead, it’s going to frack new ones, InsideClimate News, 10/28/20

Fed’s purchase of energy company debt continues to raise questions, Wall Street Journal, 10/26/20

The oil lobby’s COVID-19 wish list, HuffPost, 10/22/20

Biden’s climate buy-in, Grist's The Beacon, 10/21/20

Fossil fuel winnings from pandemic relief program, Washington Examiner's Daily on Energy, 10/21/20

Permian scramble, Politico's Morning Energy, 10/21/20

States faces billions in well plugging costs as Fed buys millions in oil and gas bonds, NM Political Report, 10/15/20

US gov’t provides billions in relief to oil and gas companies during pandemic, Shale Gas Reporter, 10/12/20

Study shows billions of government relief dollars to oil and gas amid COVID-19, Carlsbad Current-Argus, 10/8/20

Oil, gas sector sold about $100B in bonds under Federal Reserve program, S&P Global, 10/5/20

Wall Street sees Biden win speeding U.S. shift to clean energy, MarketWatch, 10/5/20

Corporate polluters have received tens of millions in PPP loans, EcoWatch, 10/5/20

Tens of millions in PPP loans went to corporate polluters after companies were fined $52 million, analysis shows, Common Dreams, 10/4/20

Oil, natural gas industry said ‘exploiting’ federal relief through historic borrowing spree, Natural Gas Intelligence, 10/2/20

Fossil fuel companies profited, now we owe billions, The Daily Poster, 10/1/20

The pandemic prop-up of fossil fuel companies, The American Prospect's Unsanitized, 10/1/20

What to know in Washington, Bloomberg Government, 9/30/20

Critics see bailout in federal purchase of oil companies’ debt, Bloomberg, 9/30/20


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