InfluenceMap: Fossil Fuel Lobbyists are Dominating Climate Policy Battles During COVID-19

Fossil fuels’ bailout demands have dominated policy battles stemming from COVID-19.

Economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic has initiated policy debates that could have enormous impact on climate change. InfluenceMap’s July report seeks to compare lobbying efforts that will contribute to climate change against those that will help to address it.

On the negative side are efforts to insulate fossil fuel companies and their customers in the transportation sector from market forces through bailouts and weakening environmental protections.

On the positive are a far smaller number of efforts to align companies concerned about climate change on broad, public statements supporting sustainable policies and the Paris Agreement.

For its analysis, InfluenceMap identified 121 instances of corporate and industry association lobbying in a four-month period starting in March. It concludes that oil and gas companies have been by far the most successful in attaining their goals, while most of the efforts to boost a green recovery are still “ongoing,” with their outcomes yet to be determined.

InfluenceMap is a UK-based nonprofit, funded by a range of foundations, that publishes data-rich reports exploring the intersection of climate policy and corporate power. Other InfluenceMap reports can be found here.