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Oil CEOs Laid Off Workers and Gave Themselves Raises During the Pandemic, Earther, 5/17/21

Exxon and Devon Carry on Proud Tradition of Funneling Taxpayer Bailouts to Their Shareholders, Daily Kos, 4/21/21

The Fossil Fuel Sector, Subsidies and Job Creation: Sorting Fact From Fiction, Triple Pundit, 4/13/21

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: Time for Appalachia to THRIVE, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, 4/10/21

Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts—Then fired 58,000 workers anyway, Common Dreams, 4/7/21

Fossil-Fuel Firms Reaped Billions in COVID Tax Breaks—Then Laid Off Thousands of Workers, Mother Jones, 4/6/21

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Job Killers, The New Republic, 4/5/21

Fossil fuels get too many government handouts. Biden wants to cut them off., Vox, 4/5/21

Fossil fuel companies in 2020 cut almost 60,000 jobs, still pocketed $8.2 billion in tax bailout, Newsbreak, 4/3/21

Google Maps, but make it eco-conscious, Grist, 4/2/21

Fossil Fuel Companies Got Billions In Bailouts, Fired Thousands of Workers Anyway, Earther, 4/2/21

Fossil Fuel Companies Took Billions in U.S. Coronavirus Relief Funds but Still Cut Nearly 60,000 Jobs, InsideClimate News, 4/2/21

US fossil-fuel companies took billions in tax breaks – and then laid off thousands, The Guardian, 4/2/21

Toxic air. Insufficient monitors. Why Memphis families fighting Byhalia pipeline have had enough, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 3/16/21

Some Fracking Companies Are Admitting Shale Was a Bad Bet — Others Are Not, DeSmog, 3/5/21

Oil Driller Took $9.7 Million Bailout, Declared Bankruptcy, Gave Execs $9.7 Million, Laid Off Staff, Daily Kos, 2/25/21

Climate Point: Could Biden really push oil companies into the red?, USA Today, 2/5/21

Pandemic Watchdog Is Probing Mnuchin, Cruz Roles in Fed Lending, Bloomberg, 2/1/21

Ted Cruz Got $35 Million For Billionaire Fracking Donors In Last COVID-19 Aid, HuffPost, 12/31/20

Senator Ted Cruz got $35 million for billionaire fracking donors in last COVID-19 relief aid, Chron, 12/30/20

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defends pandemic relief funding that helped two billionaire donors land $35M, San Antonio Current, 12/29/20

Texas fracking billionaires received COVID-19 loans, report says, KVUE, 12/28/20

Ted Cruz defends effort to secure pandemic relief for oil and gas companies, including one run by major donors, The Dallas Morning News, 12/28/20

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz helped donors' Texas fracking company get pandemic relief money, Austin American-Statesman, 12/28/20

Texas Fracking Billionaires Drew Covid-19 Aid While Investing in Rivals, Wall Street Journal, 12/27/20

UN Report: Despite Falling Energy Demand, Governments Set on Increasing Fossil Fuel Production, InsideClimate News, 12/2/20

U.S. Shale Bankruptcies Accelerate Despite Pandemic Protection, OilPrice, 11/25/20

Fossil Fuel Industry Feasted on COVID-19 Relief Programs, Report Reveals, EcoWatch, 11/24/20

$15 Billion of Covid Relief Funding Went to Propping Up Fossil Fuels, Our Daily Planet, 11/24/20

The US oil industry is flailing despite a $10 billion pandemic lifeline, Quartz, 11/23/20

Fossil fuels win big in stimulus, Politico's Morning Energy, 11/23/20

Follow the $$ trail, Washington Examiner's Daily on Energy, 11/23/20

Fossil fuel industry received $110 billion in direct and indirect COVID-19 relief, Nation of Change, 11/23/20

"Time to Cut Dirty Energy's Lifeline": Report Details How Fossil Fuel Industry Feasted on Covid-19 Relief Programs, Common Dreams, 11/23/20

'Finally': In Potential Nod to Biden Win, Federal Reserve Applies to Join Climate Network for Central Banks, Common Dreams, 11/11/20

The $16 million was supposed to clean up old oil wells; instead, it’s going to frack new ones, InsideClimate News, 10/28/20

Fed’s purchase of energy company debt continues to raise questions, Wall Street Journal, 10/26/20

The oil lobby’s COVID-19 wish list, HuffPost, 10/22/20

Biden’s climate buy-in, Grist's The Beacon, 10/21/20

Fossil fuel winnings from pandemic relief program, Washington Examiner's Daily on Energy, 10/21/20

Permian scramble, Politico's Morning Energy, 10/21/20

States faces billions in well plugging costs as Fed buys millions in oil and gas bonds, NM Political Report, 10/15/20

US gov’t provides billions in relief to oil and gas companies during pandemic, Shale Gas Reporter, 10/12/20

Study shows billions of government relief dollars to oil and gas amid COVID-19, Carlsbad Current-Argus, 10/8/20

Oil, gas sector sold about $100B in bonds under Federal Reserve program, S&P Global, 10/5/20

Wall Street sees Biden win speeding U.S. shift to clean energy, MarketWatch, 10/5/20

Corporate polluters have received tens of millions in PPP loans, EcoWatch, 10/5/20

Tens of Millions in PPP Loans Went to Corporate Polluters After Companies Were Fined $52 Million, Analysis Shows, Common Dreams, 10/4/20

Oil, Natural Gas Industry Said ‘Exploiting’ Federal Relief through Historic Borrowing Spree, Natural Gas Intelligence, 10/2/20

Fossil fuel companies profited, now we owe billions, The Daily Poster, 10/1/20

The pandemic prop-up of fossil fuel companies, The American Prospect's Unsanitized, 10/1/20

What to Know in Washington, Bloomberg Government, 9/30/20

Critics see bailout in federal purchase of oil companies’ debt, Bloomberg, 9/30/20


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