InfluenceMap: Briefing on COVID-19 and Fossil Fuel Lobbying

Influence Map outlines evidence showing how corporations are lobbying for climate deregulation and financial interventions by governments that are either specifically advantageous for fossil fuel production and/or contrary to science-based advice from the IPCC on climate.

(InfluenceMap) The COVID-19 pandemic has required dramatic action on a global scale to limit its toll on human health. The introduction of extreme social distancing rules, travel restrictions, and other measures have meant some forms of economic activity have almost ceased, threatening jobs and livelihoods. This, in turn, has led many governments to make massive, rapid disbursements of financial aid for individuals and businesses.

Corporate lobbyists have been highly active in this chaos. Much of this lobbying activity is for immediate relief for the worst-hit industries and businesses, particularly in hospitality and other services sectors, which employ large numbers of people. However, another trend emerging relating to the climate emergency is the use of the COVID-19 crisis by lobbyists to advocate in a manner counter to the Paris Agreement.