House Natural Resources Committee: Dirty Deals

Trump yelling pollution cloud

Committee staff detail the major damage done to the environment, economy, and energy supply of the United States during the four years of the Trump administration.

This October 2020 report by House Natural Resources Committee staff outlines the major damage the Trump administration has inflicted on the environment, economy, and energy supply of the United States and takes a closer look at the tactics they’ve used to perpetrate that destruction.

The report cites BailoutWatch's "Big Oil's $100 Billion Bender" report published in September 2020. In response, the report recommends that rather than propping up a dying industry, the U.S. should diversify our energy sources with clean renewable sources like solar and wind and prepare ourselves for the changes ahead.

The House Committee on Natural Resources advances the interests of the indigenous peoples and residents of the territories of the United States, and considers legislation and oversees federal conservation and species protection programs under the leadership of Chairman Raúl M. Grijalva. This report was prepared by the Committee's majority staff, has not been officially adopted by the Committee and may not necessarily reflect the views of its members.